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Dxo Camera Comparison

dxo camera comparison

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dxo camera comparison - DxO Optics

DxO Optics Pro v 4.2, Standard Edition Photo Enhancing Software for Mac & Windows.

DxO Optics Pro v 4.2, Standard Edition Photo Enhancing Software for Mac & Windows.

The uniqueness of DxO Optics Pro lies in its ability to perform the highest quality corrections without human intervention. Whether you want to enhance your pictures in a single click without having to bother setting up sliders, or you want to manually set up your own correction parameters, you will find an operating mode ("auto", "guided" or "expert") to suit your needs. The all-new DxO Optics Pro version 4 brings a wealth of innovations to demandingphotographers worldwide, building on the superior foundation of DxO Optics Pro v3.5's breakthrough automatic corrections. The DxO Color Engine incorporated in this very latest version DxO Optics Pro software revolutionizes color possibilities with a palette of all-new color functions, from unique Color Rendition Profiles through Color Modes, to the innovative DxO Multi-Point Color Balance. Now DxO Optics Pro helps you achieve even better image quality with ever greater flexibility and control. At the very heart of DxO Optics Pro, the award-winning DxO Optics Engine uses unique hardware modeling to automatically eliminate optical defects. Based on sophisticated models of camera and lens performance, DxO Optics Engine automatically removes lens distortion, vignetting, lens softness and chromatic aberration, and with input from the user, can also apply perspective corrections (keystoning, horizons). To implement DxO's unique Optical corrections on a particular combination of camera and lens, th

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G9 ISOcomposite02 H0 & H7 tricks

G9 ISOcomposite02 H0 & H7 tricks

G9: F2.8 handheld ISO200-1600 from 1s to 1/8s at constant exposure, dcraw-gimp. These are 1/4-crops from each image assembled in a composite, with the whole thing cropped to 3:2 to fit my display. The top two are ISO200 & 400 with H0 in dcraw, the bottom two are ISO800 and ISO1600 with H7 instead of H0 in dcraw. Overall I boosted the contrast slightly.

I thought I'd try it at night with mostly ambient light since that's when camera performance matters most to me. It's easy to get good shots in daylight, the trick is to get good shots in low light like this. I can immediately see that I can get away with shots at ISO800 during the day that won't work at night. There's a huge jump in chroma noise from ISO400 to ISO800, and frankly I saw no obvious need to do anything like boost contrast substantially with the lower two ISOs. At fullscreen they look ok "out of the box". ISO800 obviously needs contrast or something to be acceptable, and ISO1600 is too low in color resolution and dynamic range to be useful at all. The snow in the lower left is entirely gone.

Don't think that H7 just pushed out the shadows, with H0 there was so much noise it was ridiculous. This had to be done, it was either that or use the levels tool to boost the low-level (the "0") enough to get rid of the noise peak and then adjust gamma to compensate without bringing in more chroma-noise. Using H7 instead of H0 effectively did the same thing, it was just easier.

Technically the difference between H7 and H0 in dcraw is that with H0 the color-multipliers can be over 1 and they are adjusted so that a certain percentage of the image is blown-out (I disable this with -W), while with H7 the largest is 1 and the rest are adjusted in combination with the WB, the gamma and the tone-curve to recover blown-highlights as much as possible out of the extra 4-6 bits of DR in a 12-14 bit camera, relative to an 8-bit jpeg. In practice this means that H7 files are somewhere around 1/2 eV lower than H0 files. And dcraw works really well with 14bit raw images. 12 bits of DR is a wonderful thing, really, especially when converting to 24bit RGB.

I think that makes ISO800 somewhat-useful but there isn't much that can be done to save ISO1600 at night. 16dB of SNR in a 12-bit camera, what does that mean, with what, 48dB of SNR at best? 75% of the image dynamic-range is noise? And that's before raw-conversion :)

Basically at ISO1600 the image is about 80% noise unless you cram the raw output up above what, 10 bits out of 12 in each channel? I guess so. More "math" fun. This basically means ISO1600 on the G9 is not good for anything except high-speed shots in moderately-good light. No light in=all noise out. Let this be a general lesson: don't try to use ultra-high ISOs to shoot low exposures in very-low light. You're just going to save a lot of noise to disk. Either lower the ISO or raise the exposure. Either the SNR will go up enough to allow enough of the input signal to pass through uncorrupted, or the median exposure will go up above the noise-floor into whatever dynamic-range remains above the noise. Effectively the same thing either way, just one happens at a lower exposure and the other at a higher exposure.

{In my opinion this is the thing that makes photography very cool: there's a direct link between the eyes and the brain. The conscious mind can spend days, years analyzing things from a fact-based rational point of view, but making the basic assumption that what you see is real, you can just look at a shot and see right away whether it is good or bad, interesting or boring, and almost subconsicously/intuitively get a feeling for it, see how it affects you. Right away, no long-winded "analysis" required...and no nonsense tolerated, either. It's very difficult to fool the eyes. And photography is a very good way to stay in touch with the real world, despite all the bullshit from all the bullshtters around you, who think that they can simply open their mouths and talk the world into being exactly the way that they say that it is. Photography has no tolerance for delusional aggrandized nonsense and that is one reason that I love it...and it's always fun to watch people talk shit while they're holding a picture that refutes everything that they are saying. For me personally it's not having to listen to that nonsense AT ALL, and just being able to focus on the real world, free of human bullshit, in a peaceful relaxing manner. I just want to do a good job of capturing images because then I can enjoy the scenes even more. And then of course there is some science involved which directly correlates to the results. And that's just a bonus.}

So anyway this is what I do: I shoot a lot of low exposures handheld and for me the thing is to have enough SNR to get a good clean exposure without having to shoot so slow that I can't get a steady shot. Also I need enough dynamic-range, linear resolution and color-reso

S.W. Waterfront, Washington D.C. take 32,369

S.W. Waterfront, Washington D.C. take 32,369

[Nikon D70 Tamron 28-300VC ISO200 1/750s F8 300mm effective > dcraw ICC H7wWq3o1T> Gimp]

I finally got down here in the right place with good light with both the D70 and the N80 and some ISO200 film, so this is part of a test sequence...if nothing else ;)

Really I just ran off some ICC-corrected versions of these shots (now that I've apparently straightened out the discrepancy between my xp laptop and my Ubuntu laptop [which needs to be updated to 10.10 or whatever it is] in terms of the monitor white-balance temp with ICC profiles active), and this one was at least 30deg off-horizontal. So I thought I'd give it a shot to see how bad it came out after rotating and cropping a 6MP image down to whatever it is now (2500x1500) ...luckily there was little if any vignetting in the upper left corner even at full-zoom (try *that* with a subframe lens) and actually it came out pretty well, after all was said and done. So let's see how many views it racks up! :)

There's some CA visible even at this size but I'm not into spending another 30 minutes fixing it (mainly for lack of practice)..."something to look into", I say, as the Hugin, Bibble, DxO, Capture One and Lightroom programmers chuckle. So yes it could be even sharper. But the colors look pretty good.

Thoughts so far:
...shooting 2 rolls of film within an hour or two in one afternoon, if it's a good afternoon not to mention a good evening, is not enough? Either in terms of shots or time? But then I shoot twice as much and I have twice as many shots to deal with and I'm already at the point where I want to deal with two maybe 3 shots a day at most? Oy, vey. But! To generate shots of such quality with equipment that costs $400 at most, including the lens? That's not bad at all.

Of course I'm still talking about at least 4 maybe 6 camera-bodies and 3 lenses per mount. Plus some sort of point & shoot. And this D70 is on its last legs, I had to turn it off and on every 10 seconds because the body kept locking up. Probably something is borderline-fried on the power-regulator board. But I could definitely see buying another one for $250 on eBay vs $400+ for a D90 or D300 that I don't need. Buying another A200 is a different story, but it would be interesting to try it with a fullframe lens. The problem is that I have no real desire to shoot an A200 except at ISO100 or at night under lights at ISO800. Otherwise it's just "wrong" even with ICC-correction. It's just not fun to pay a lot of money and bust your tail walking around, taking shots and processing them all for "comedy-colors". Same with cooked raw and sorry but ISO800 & ISO1600 are too useful to lose to cooked-raw. So I'm holding out for at least an A700 on the Sony side...the A450 is intriguing, but I'd have to see how bad it is and there's only one way to find out...to drop $500+sh/h on an European body.

But I gave up on the Tamron 17-35, it's just too much trouble to get one at a good price and it's barely any wider than the 19-35 and sure F2.8 sounds nice compared to F3.5 but how often am I going to want to shoot it there if it vignettes like crazy at F2.8 on a fullframe camera. Vignetting sucks. The only time that it's even remotely acceptable is when shooting at night. And as much as I did not want to buy the same lens twice for the two mounts it just made too much sense to get the same FL-range for the Nikon that I had for the Sony as long as the point of getting the two was to have a matched set of each for comparison. And I actually paid less for the Cosina than I paid for the Tamron and the Tamron is basically a rebadged Cosina. Cosina supposedly makes most of the low to mid-range Japanese lenses and they are just rebadged for each "manufacturer"...and the Cosina 19-35 and the Tamron 19-35 look almost identical. Close enough but not quite the same, good enough and cheap but still very useful, no outrageous negatives: a "winner" :)

So I'm pretty-much focusing now on getting either an A450, A700 or going for broke and getting an A850/A900. I actually had an A850 in my hands the other day at Ritz, it's surprisingly small and light, easily smaller than the 500si. I thought it would be a big old honkin' camera like the D700 but no. Of course now the problem is going to be "getting one while they are no longer being made"...the longer the Japanese factories are out of commission behind this tsunami, the higher the prices are going to go, at least until they shift production to Taiwan or China.

dxo camera comparison

dxo camera comparison

DxO Optics Pro v6.5 Elite

DxO Optics Pro is an award winning automatic image enhancement software for enthusiastic amateur and professional photographers shooting in JPEG or RAW format. World-renowned for its unique automated optical corrections and its state-of-the-art RAW conversion, DxO Optics Pro addresses the entire spectrum of image quality issues, including noise removal, exposure optimization, keystoning correction, color control and dust removal. Its fully-customizable and easy-to-use interface makes it an unrivalled productivity tool, able to process hundreds of images in just a few clicks: Thanks to its laboratory-generated profiles, DxO Optics Pro is able to uniquely correct optical faults for each image on a vast number of camera and lens combinations. On demand it can also correct volume anamorphosis and persperctive. DxO Optics Pro's new generation RAW processor is able to maintain the finest details, even at the pixel scale, without introducing artifacts into the image. DxO Optics Pro uses a powerful noise reduction technology, which allows shooting in very low light without compromising the image quality. This technology gives a 1 to 2 stop bonus additional latitude to the photographer, opening new shooting opportunities in low light conditions. DxO Optics Pro is available for Mac or Windows, as a standalone application. It comes in two editions: DxO Optics Pro Standard and DxO Optics Pro Elite, which only differ in terms of the supported camera bodies. A high speed Internet connection is required for software installation.

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Hd high speed camera. Camera lens accessories. Ip camera recording.

Hd High Speed Camera

hd high speed camera

    speed camera
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hd high speed camera - Aiptek Hi-Speed

Aiptek Hi-Speed HD 720P Camcorder with Built-in 2GB Storage

Aiptek Hi-Speed HD 720P Camcorder with Built-in 2GB Storage

The Hi-Speed HD performs 720P high definition video quality to provide a whole new high quality DV experience. Perfect for sports and fast action events! One-touch recording allows you to capture stunning HD (1280 x 720 - 16:9 aspect ratio) video clips at 60 frames per second with advanced H.264 technology. The power is in your hands to capture 3 mega pixel images. Macro lens enables you to take high quality close-ups! Ready to record right out of the box! The Hi-Speed HD offers 2GB of built-in storage space, plus a removable hard disk and SD/MMC card reader which can provide up to an additional 32GB of SD card storage. Enough for 60 minutes of HD video! Use as an MP3 player and easily load your favorite MP3 files and playback the music directly or enjoy stereo quality music via the headset! The Hi-Speed HD featueres 2x digital zoom which allows you to zoom in/out seamlessly while recording video and a swivel-reversible 2.4" TFT Color LCD Display for review and playback you HD video clips and hi-res pictures in real time. Conveniently charge your new Hi-Speed HD via the USB cable when connected to your PC or use the AC Charger cable included. No need to remove battery from camera. You can also enhance sound recording quality by using an external microphone via the microphone outlet (Microphone Not Included), and the HDTV Component output allows you to connect your camera to an HDTV component input and share HD videos and still pictures with others. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP SP2, or above, Macintosh 10.4, or above, Pentium 4 - 3.2GHz or above, Direct X 9.0c or above , 1GB of System RAM (2GB Recommended), Video Card with 256MB of RAM, 4X Speed CD-ROM or higher, Quick Time 7.0 or above. Package Contents: Hi-Speed HD Camcorder, Lithium Ion Battery, AC Charger Cable, USB Cable, Component Cable, AV Cable, Wrist Strap, User's Guide. Included Software: Media Player 11 Decoder for AIPTEK* .MOV Video Files.

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Casio water display - Photokina 2010.

Casio water display - Photokina 2010.

These short videos were shot at the Casio water display next to their high speed machin gun pocket camera which can shoot at ultra fast fps.

When I tried the camera, first nothing happened then the camera started to process the photos I took - 30 each time i pushed the button ... so I switched to single drive mode then tried to capture the start or the end of the water jet. I didn't have very much success prabably due to the shutter lag. My DSLR looks more reactive.

Casio also introduced the HDR mode ; the camera can merge 3 differently exposed photos, then tone mapped them into an HDR. However from the photo shown it's a pure and heavy HDR ! Good luck to Casio !

PS : the second part was shot in high speed at 50 fps but I can't really see any difference with the previous one.

Sturgis Dam - Casio EX-FH100 Camera Test

Sturgis Dam - Casio EX-FH100 Camera Test

I've been messing around with the HD and high speed video settings on my new Casio camera. Apparently the EX-FH100 is capable of shooting up to 1000 frames per second (super duper slow-mo). I haven't tried the 1000fps setting yet. Instead I chose to mess around with the 240fps setting at the Sturgis Dam (in Michigan).

I have to admit to being really impressed with the image quality. Unfortunately with the video compressions from iMovie and flickr some of the image quality is lost.

hd high speed camera

hd high speed camera

Kingston 32 GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card SD4/32GB

Kingston Technology?s Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards are fully compliant with the new SD Association specification version 2.00. They are a new performance class of SD memory cards designed to meet the storage demands of high-quality digital still and video cameras and other high-resolution image recording devices. Starting at 4GB, SDHC cards offer larger-volume data storage and optimized recording performance with support for FAT 32 file formats. In addition, Kingston?s SDHC cards use new speed ?class? ratings known as Class 2, 4 and 6 that deliver a minimum data transfer rate for optimum performance with SDHC devices.

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Latest Digital Camera Canon

latest digital camera canon

    digital camera
  • A camera that records and stores digital images

  • A digital camera (also digicam or camera for short) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.

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  • a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

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Canon by Pentax

Canon by Pentax

The latest thing - Canon Eos 450D - my second digital camera and main rig.

latest digital camera canon

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Logicool web camera driver download. Nikon d3x fx 24mp dslr camera. L200 samsung camera charger

Logicool Web Camera Driver Download

logicool web camera driver download

    web camera
  • A webcam is a video capture device that is connected to a computer or computer network, often using a USB port or, if connected to a network, ethernet or Wi-Fi.

  • A CCTV Camera with built-in web server computer. More info.

  • Logitech International S.A. (, ), headquartered in Romanel-sur-Morges, Switzerland, is the holding company for Logitech Group, a Swiss peripheral-device maker. Logitech makes peripheral devices for PCs, including keyboards, mice, game controllers and webcams.

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  • the operator of a motor vehicle

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Logicool Z305

Logicool Z305





In Japan there was already a "Logitech" so it's called "Logicool" here

logicool web camera driver download

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Mini Dv Md80 Micro Video Camera : Used Nikon D40 Camera : Film Camera Terminology

Mini Dv Md80 Micro Video Camera

mini dv md80 micro video camera

    video camera
  • A camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen

  • A video camera is a camera used for electronic motion picture acquisition, initially developed by the television industry but now common in other applications as well.

  • A camera that records onto digital or videotape.

  • The modern CCTV video camera is available in both monochrome (black and white) and color. Cameras can be set in fixed-positions or placed on 'pan-and-tilt' devices that allow the camera to be moved up, down, left and right.

    mini dv
  • DV is a format for recording and playing back digital video. It was launched in 1995 with joint efforts of leading producers of video camera recorders.

  • Small, handheld digital video/sound recorder.

  • Popular compact storage medium for digital video.

  • Small-scale

  • See also Micro Cars

  • Extremely small

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  • Micro Cars is a automobile company based in Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka, Founded in 1995. This was established by automobile engineer, Dr. Lawrence Perara. Their first introduction was "Micro Privilege" which had 1000cc gasoline engine with inline 4 cylinders.

  • The McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series are twin-engine, medium-range, single-aisle commercial jet airliners. The MD-80 aircraft were lengthened and updated from the DC-9. The MD-80 series can seat from 130 up to 172 passengers depending on variant and seating arrangement.

mini dv md80 micro video camera - Mini Digital

Mini Digital Video Recorder MD 80 - 2GB

Mini Digital Video Recorder MD 80 - 2GB

Features: Thumb size alloy housing Easy operation w/ LED indicators Manual or Sound activated auto recording Webcam feature, AVI video and JPEG photo format Ultra high resolution 640*480 image w/ 2000K pixels High speed recording 30 frames per second Built-in Li rechargeable battery 2hr continuous recording 2G Micro SD card included - Supports up to 8GB Flexible installation w/ clip or swiveling dash wall mount bracket Contents: Mini Camcorder 2Gb micro SD Card Neck strap Pocket Clip Dash Board/ Wall Mount Carrying Bag Protective Silicone Skin USB Cable AC Charger Instruction Manual Software

88% (11)

Panasonic Mini DV

Panasonic Mini DV

My latest addition to my camera collection. Not a part of the $10 yard sale box, but I enjoy it anyway.

Mini DV Deck

Mini DV Deck

Mr. Lee's Classroom, Canyon High School
Canyon Country, California
Friday, February 3, 2006

mini dv md80 micro video camera

mini dv md80 micro video camera

Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace, Medium, Black, 1-Count Box

Unlike any other knee brace, The Mueller's Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace, with exclusive HYDRACINN? fabric is the moisture-wicking catalyst for maintaining superior support with heat management. Base sleeve is made of antimicrobial fabric that is uniquely breathable, extremely soft to the touch with flatlock seams, and features a conforming hourglass design. Inner grip strips complete the anti-sweat/non-slip design to help prevent brace migration and preserve high-performance support. This ultimate brace provides maximum support for weak or unstable knees, as well as protection after injury.Measure around center of the knee joint for correct sizing: Small: 12-14", Medium: 14-16", Large: 16-18", XLarge 18-20"

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